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Family Medicine

Donna Johnston, MD -  - Cosmetic & Aesthetic Specialist

Donna Johnston, MD

Cosmetic & Aesthetic Specialist & Family Medicine located in Melbourne, FL

With the increasing number of medical specialists and targeted treatments available, managing your health care can get overwhelming. Donna Johnston, MD, offers you a simpler route. From the comfort of her office in Melbourne, Florida, she provides comprehensive, integrated family medicine. That means she treats you as a whole person, building a relationship with you to help you achieve the best health outcomes. To learn more or to set up your appointment, call her office or book your visit online.

Family Medicine Q & A

What is family medicine?

Thanks to increasingly specific medical specialties, you could theoretically see a dozen or more doctors to treat all of your health needs. You could have a cardiologist, an allergist, a dermatologist, and an internist, just to name a few. 

Or you could take a different approach and go to a board-certified family medicine doctor. As such, Dr. Johnston has knowledge in a significant array of specialties that she applies to treat one thing: you. As a family medicine doctor, she is dedicated to offering you a cohesive, integrated approach to leading your healthiest life. She may occasionally refer you to a specialist if a specific need arises, but she can meet the vast majority of your health care needs from the comfort and convenience of her office. 

At Donna Johnston, MD, you’ll find a family practice where you and your family can get the treatments you need paired with the care you deserve. Dr. Johnston sees patients ages five and up. 

What types of health care services are available?

Dr. Johnston offers a significant number of health care services. Those include the essentials you’d expect from your primary care provider, like annual physicals, back-to-school physicals, sports physicals, and Pap smears. She also offers treatment for ongoing medical conditions, such as hypothyroidism, hypertension, and heart disease. 

Additionally, Dr. Johnston leverages her dermatological expertise to serve her patients. She provides biopsies, skin tag removal, Botox®, skin tightening treatments, and more. 

And both Dr. Johnston and her father offer a Suboxone® treatment program.

What is Suboxone?

If you’re living with opioid addiction, you most likely feel like you have a long, arduous road ahead. But if you’re one of the millions addicted to an opioid — whether it was prescribed to you by a doctor or you found it on the street — Dr. Johnston offers a treatment program that can help. 

With Suboxone, a medication that can reduce the symptoms of addiction and withdrawal, Dr. Johnston delivers an opiate dependency program that can help you reclaim your life from addiction. 

Whether you’re looking for a dedicated, caring primary care provider, skin-transforming treatments, or a way to break your addiction, Dr. Johnston can help. Call the family practice office or book your appointment online today.