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What is Ultherapy?

Before and After of Donna Johnston, MD demonstrating Ultherapy

What makes ULTHERAPY  so unique?
no other cosmetic procedure uses ultrasound to visualize exactly where the treatment is targeting. The ultrasound waves are sent to specific tissues under the skin to induce maximum collagen production. There are three different depths that can be reached with the Ultherapy. Different parts of your body require different depths of treatment. 

What does the ULTHERAPY do? 
It places ultrasound waves into the tissue under your skin which causes an "injury" that your body then wants to "fix". This translates into your body sending the messages that create collagen. The creation of collagen is called Neocollagenesis. The more collagen you form, the less wrinkles and sagging you will have. 

Who should have ULTHERAPY?
Anyone who could use some collagen! That basically means all of us over the age of 30 as that is when we start to dramatically lose collagen. The younger you start, the better it is at maintaining your collagen stores, preventing wrinkles and sagging skin.


Can I reverse wrinkles and sagging?
Because Ultherapy causes the creation of collagen, it reduces the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin. It causes the formation of the deep structural lattice work that the soft tissue features of your face and body sit upon. So, yes, it can help reverse wrinkles and sagging skin. 

How long do I have to wait for results?

You often get a nice glow and tightening of your skin right after the procedure but that is not the main result you are waiting for. The production of collagen is a slow process, so you must be patient waiting for the results. But, boy is it worth it! It is between 4-6 months after the procedure that the results start becoming more and more obvious over time. And that collagen that your body created lasts a very long is often at 1-2 years that a touch up treatment is considered. Some will do a yearly maintenance touch-up session to encourage the production of collagen. No cosmetic procedure results are permanent, as the effects of time, sun damage, toxin damage and gravity are forever taking their toll. But Ultherapy is a powerful tool to battle these evils. 

Can Ultherapy by combined with other procedures?
Absolutely! It is often combined with Xeomin, Fillers, IPL, Laser treatments, and/or Microneedling in addition to using good skin care products such as NeoCutis and Obagi products. I explain it to my patients that they should think of their face as needed attention to three layers: deep, middle, superficial. Ultherapy addresses the deep. Fillers, lasers, and Microneedling address the middle. Xeomin, IPL,  and NeoCutis skincare products address the surface. In an ideal world, utilizing all the tools available to you is the best way to go for optimal results. Of course, not everone can utilize all of these. I create a unique, individualized treatment plan for each patient based on their cosmetic needs and what their budget allows. 

Why do I love ULTHERAPY? 
It makes me so happy to provide a service to my patients that gives them a lifting and tightening without the risks and side effects of surgery. With Ultherapy, there is no  anesthesia risks, no need for pre-op clearance, no bleeding, no scarring, no downtime. And the joy it gives when the appearance is improved makes me very happy as well. I love when Ultherapy gives a patient more confidence in themself. 

Left: Andrea Ellison, ARNP  Right: Donna Johnston, MD Donna Johnston, MD Board Certified Family Physician in Melbourne, Florida since 2000.

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