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How are Xeomin and Botox different?

Botox and Xeomin are both used to help relax muscles that cause undesirable lines, "frown lines" and other nuisance lines. Both are derived from the same molecule. Xeomin is more purified as it is the Botox molecule with some proteins removed ( proteins that are not necessary for the product to work). The more purified product, in my opinion, is better as it is much less likely to migrate to where you didn't want it. I get very good results with Xeomin. Another advantage of Xeomin is that it is priced cheaper than Botox. It is cheaper for me and therefore I am able to provide it cheaper to my patients. Bonus! 

Left: Andrea Ellison, ARNP  Right: Donna Johnston, MD Donna Johnston, MD Board Certified Family Physician in Melbourne, Florida since 2000.

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